M.M.S. Srl - Moulds Machining Service 

 Our history and our mission 

M.M.S. Srl - Moulds Machining Service

Our idea was to set up a flexible machining shop which could offer mould makers in the plastic injection and in the aluminium die casting business a complete and cost efficient service. So MMS Moulds Machining Service was started in 2012, and our project is still evolving.

The starting point was the creation of a technical staff who could plan and direct investments in equipment and machinery. At the same time, we started the training of men to cover specialized jobs. Quality not just as a goal but as a method of daily practice.

Today these achievements have been completed, and the project continues with a new major challenge, industry 4.0. The expansion from the 1500 to 3000 sqm operational space, already built , comes with this philosophy.

We are young, projected into the future, but with solid and mature technical and entrepreneurial bases.